Baler or Compactor – Which One Do You Need?

As governments and local authorities try to limit the quantity of waste disposed in landfills, demand for compactors and balers is on the rise. The question is, which machine is right for you? A waste baler or waste compactor? A waster baler is a machine that can compress large volumes of paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and other recyclable material into dense bundles or “bales”, which take up less space for the same weight. A compactor is used to compress large quantities of general mixed (unsorted) or sorted recyclable waste into tightly packed blocks, which are then sent to a recycling company or landfill…Read More (PDF)

Recycling Garden Waste Into Garden Mulch Grows New Business

A new business in Dublin which collects garden waste from surrounding communities, then turns into valuable garden mulch, starts by shredding the green waste really finely in a huge shredder. The shredded waste is then packed away and left to ferment. It naturally starts to heat up as its own bacteria gets to work and is agitated every ten days. The resultant garden mulch material is then screened, any excess cleaned away and the end product is pure compost…Read More (PDF)