Do Your Part for Quality Recycling

Recycle better and avoiding contamination

The issue of recycle bin contamination and the negative impact contamination has on the quality of recyclables placed in the wrong collection systems is a big problem. We can all do our part in achieving quality recycling. Good recycling behaviour includes;

  • Ensuring you rinse any food or liquid residues from containers.
  • Ensure you’re fully aware of what can go in your recycle bin and do not place incorrect materials in the recycle bin.
  • Ensure you know the correct collection day for their area so recyclables do not build up and get put in other bins.
  • Do not put mixed recyclables compacted into a box or bag and then into your recycle bin as these need to be pulled out for mechanical separation.
  • Do not put food waste or other compostable materials such as garden waste in your recycle bin.
  • Do not put electrical items in your recycle bin.
  • Do not put clothes in your recycle bin.
  • Do not put old shoes in your recycle bin.
  • Do not put used batteries in your recycle bin.
  • Recycle more items from the bathroom or others areas of your house.

Biggest Soft Drink Companies Use Little Recycled Plastic

A report from Sky News highlighted a damning report showing the largest soft drinks brands use very little recycled plastic in their single use plastic bottles. The first comprehensive survey of plastic usage policies of the largest global soft drinks brands has found they use less than 7% recycled plastic in their bottles or other plastic products.

The survey also found that five of the big six companies sell a combined total of 2.16 million tonnes of plastic bottles a year. Louise Edge, Greenpeace Oceans Campaigner, told Sky News: “There’s a huge problem with plastic waste in our oceans. “We know that 12 million tonnes of plastic are ending up in our oceans every year. “To give you context that’s a dumper truck of plastic going into our oceans every minute.” A huge amount of that is comprised of single use plastic bottles. In terms of the impact plastic is having, its entangling and choking bigger creatures like turtles, sea birds and is affecting even whales.

Some of the companies named in the report and who are responsible for a vast amount of plastic going into the oceans every year include Coca Cola, Danone, Nestle and PepsiCo. Download or Read Full Report…